Fatbloke does it outdoors !!!

Today marked a significant milestone in my preparations for my Half Marathon on Oct 7th. First outdoor run on the hard pavements of Upminster !! . I don’t feel too bad either. Highlight of the run was on my second 3 mile lap when an old bloke was plodding along in front of me. He must have been in his early 1oo’s. Anyway I shamelessly ran him down ( I use the expression “ran him down” as ” jogged him down” whilst being more appropriate just does not sound right). As I passed him I said good morning and made some silly condescending remark about “was he alright”.. The old boy was probably wondering much the same about me !!!

Less than two months to go now and really looking forward to it. Fundraising is still a bit slow so if you can help in that department please feel free to do so I am very grateful for any contribution ! DONATE TO FATBLOKE

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