Fat Bloke under water

Good News/ Bad News. Bad News my last training run i.e. Stanwick Lakes 10k was called off as the course was waterlogged. The pictures below show flippers are required rather than trainers

Image 12-03-2016 at 18.55




Good News I am still going to do a training run at about 10am with my cousin Trudy and her husband Natt tomorrow Mar 13th at Draycote Water in Warwickshire. You can see the details of the Brentwood Half – Marathon I am running next week 20th March by Clicking here. It will be great if some of my friends can come out and support. Its a long way and its always great to get some encouragement from friendly face

The Brain Tumour Charity means a lot to me and Mrs Fatbloke and we are trying really hard to raise funds for this wonderful charity that gets very little help from the government. Here is the link to the page were you can make a donation Click here to donate. Every little bit helps




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