Old bloke climbs Mount Fuji

Well done Rodders he has done it !!! Here is a picture to prove  it with Rod proudly sporting his Brain Tumour Charity Bandana !! What a fab effort… you can show your support and admiration for Rodney via my fatblokerunning website Its a serious challenge for any one so hats off to “Rodders” who is attempting this in his 71st year !!! 3700m up and 3700m down !!!! thats amazing

Rod wanted to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity but rather than set up a new page he asked if he could use Fat Blokes !!! I do not have a problem with that and have set up a page so that we can continue raise funds for this wonderful charity that gets very little help from the government. Every little bit helps my page currently stands at £2,559.01 so with Rodneys help and further fundraising throughout the year I am looking to raise over £5k when Fat Bloke does the London Marathon in April 2017. Here is the link to the page were you can make a donation Click here to donate.



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