Follow the Fat Bloke – London Marathon Day

Whether you intend to follow the race from the comfort of your own home or intend to come up and support in person I have put this little guide together.

  1. My race number is 50452 enter this or my name to track my progress via the VMLM live tracking web page 
  2. The App is now available to download from the App store. Easily track your favourite runners
  3. Some people asked how will they recognise me !! I will decide what I will be wearing nearer the day dependaent on the weather and I will post a picture
  4. If you are planning to come down here is a map of the whole route
  5. If you are following the “Fat Bloke” I will need most encouragement in the second half of the day and more specifically miles 13-22 here is a map of that section. Miles 17-20 are notoriously tough
  6. Mrs Fatbloke and some of my family will be at the Brain Tumour Charity cheer point at mile 22 on The Highway. Say Hi to them but if possible go somewhere else so any support is spread out
  7. Given it will take me 15 mins to get to the start point I anticipate to be at the halfway point at approximately 12:45. After that I really dont know I expect to complete the second half quite a bit slower. Keep an eye on me via the web !!
  8. After I finish I expect to be at the Brain Tumour Charity After Race Party approximately an hour later. I would be happy to see anyone there, Just tell them the Fat Bloke sent you !! Everyone is welcome. The address of the party is  Kings College London, Strand Campus, London, WC2R 2LS.
  9. Here is a full spectator guide provide by the Virgin Money London Marathon team
  10. I am so grateful for all your support whether at home or in London on the day. I just hope my body is up to it and I can complete it and we can all celebrate together. Not long to wait now
  11. I am running the London Marathon on April 23rd for The Brain Tumour Charity. You can donate by clicking here

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