Thank You from the Fat Bloke

I have to say yesterday was one of the greatest achievements / events of my life. It was so hard and although my legs are hurting my heart is bursting with pride.  I need to say thank you to ALL the people who have supported me in so many ways.  Mervyn Phillips a veteran of 18 London Marathons and 60 in all took me under his wing but I  got so much advice from so many people who wanted to be sure I was OK on start day. All those who waved at me during those long training runs, those that supported me on the day by turning out but also by following me on-line I could feel the e-love !!. Special thanks to Judy for encouraging and putting up with me over these last few months. It couldn’t have been easy I moaned a lot and fretted a lot but at the end of the day I had full respect for the challenge I was undertaking.

But lets not forget the reason for all this was to raise money for the Brain Tumour Charity so thank you to all those who have donated. Its not too late to donate so if you have been following my story please donate as I try to reach the £10k mark. I feel sure I can get there so any amount however small would be gratefully received. I have attached below some photos from the day.  I hope you enjoy them. Thanks again from Judy and Myself as well as all the people from The Brain Tumour Charity.

I ran the London Marathon on April 23rd for The Brain Tumour Charity. You can still donate by clicking here


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