Its gonna be a cold one !!!

From the Race Director of the Brentwood Half Marathon
” At present looks very cold with significant wind chill. Do be prepared especially if you are likely to be amongst the less speedy competitors ” –
That would include me !!!! – What was going to be a touch race just got tougher !!!!

I will be raising funds for the Brain Tumour Charity again and more specifically for the Judy D’cruz fund that stands at £24,324.83. Lets see if we can get a few more £’s in the pot. ALL money raised goes to fighting Childhood Brain Tumours. If you would like to donate it would be appreciated. Just click here . Here is a picture from last years race

One Comment on “Its gonna be a cold one !!!”

  1. Beverley Dunn says:

    Good luck Win. I think I sponsored you today, check it goes through. Don’t get too cold out there. Bev & Ian x

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